The Pantyhose For The Modern Man
How everything began A close relative had to wear medical compression tights after an operation and repeatedly complained about the poor fit. He said something like – “they pinch everything”. I worked in the fashion branch for years and thought – there must be a solution for this. Two years and many, many patterns later, it was finally finished! The patent-pending Comfort4Men tights, with unmatched comfort for the modern man. I thought, there are probably many modern, enlightened men who would also like to take advantage of the indisputable advantages of tights without having to compromise on comfort. When I presented this idea to my family, the reaction was, shall we say “divided” on the subject. But I did not allow myself to be dissuaded by this, because I am convinced that there is no good reason why a man should not also wear tights. Consumer research confirmed that my perception was not misguided. In a stockings museum on the Internet, it is even demonstrated that tights are actually a typically male article of clothing.  Since the advent of Comfort4Men tights, there is naturally no more ‘pinching’! Normal ladies’ tights do not need to be specially fitted to the female anatomy in the genital area. The fit results from simply and therefore inexpensively sewing together two stocking legs. Naturally, this simple method of manufacture cannot fit a man well for anatomical reasons. It is therefore understandable if a ‘man’ cannot get used to the fit of ladies’ tights, especially if this is a compression material as shown in the small photo. (click to enlarge) Tights especially have decisive advantages for support effects in sports and health. More on this on the pages ‘Explanation’ and ‘Product’. Tights for the modern man I intentionally say ‘modern men’, because who would have thought twenty years ago that hair gel and earrings could become something completely normal for men. Thankfully, people are more tolerant today.